{{db[cur].from_region}}, {{db[cur].from_country}}

{{db[cur].to_region}}, {{db[cur].to_country}}

{{db[cur].money.prefix}} {{comma(item[2])}} {{db[cur].money.prefix}}
{{db[cur].money.prefix}} {{comma(item[1]*item[2])}}
{{db[cur].money.prefix}} {{comma(calculated_discount_value)}}
{{db[cur].money.prefix}} {{comma(calculated_tax_value)}}



Saved Invoices
  • # {{item.invoice}}, {{item.money.prefix}} {{get_total[i]}}, {{item.date}}

SECURITY: this app loads online but is not transmitting information you enter on a our server and can be used offline. It stores all data you enter inside your browser's so called "local storage". This is a built-in storage inside a browser on your computer. To remove stored data just clean stored application data via Settings in the browser.